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Find the Perfect Lash Sytle for You.

Eyelash extensions are one of the most popular ways to enhance your look. It seems like everybody’s getting them. One of the reasons they are so popular is that they are entirely customizable – the lash technician helps you choose the right style that suits your eye shape and preferences.

From entirely natural to very dramatic, people choose different eyelash extensions styles. Here are the most popular eyelash extensions styles and types described.

What Eyelash Extensions Types Are There?

Lash extensions can be divided into 4 general types: classic, volume, hybrid and Mega Volume.


Classic eyelash extensions are 1 on 1 eyelash extensions. That means that one individual extension is applied per one natural lash.They usually look very natural and are the most popular choice for people who want to enhance their natural lashes just a bit, by making them look longer and thicker.


Volume eyelash extensions are in fact fans of very thin extensions applied per one natural lash. The fans can contain from 2 to even 8 lashes. They are thicker and more dramatic than classic lashes and perfect for people who love makeup. 

When they are even more dramatic, they make a mega-volume style.


Wispy lashes are not so much a type, but a style of eyelash extensions. They also combine classic, hybrid and volume lashes of different lengths. That makes them look a bit asymmetrical but more natural.

What Eyelash Extensions Styles Are There?

Lash extensions styles categorization is based on the mapping. Here are the most popular eyelash extensions styles at the moment:

  • Natural eyelash extensions

  • Doll-eye eyelash extensions

  • Cat eyelash extensions

  • Squirrel style

  • Staggered eyelash extensions (Kim K lashes)

  • Colored eyelash extensions

How to Choose Eyelash Extension Style According to Your Eye Shape?

Here are the most popular eyelash extensions styles described and which eye shapes they are suitable for as well as who should avoid them. 

Natural Eyelash Extensions

Natural eyelash extensions are done with classic lashes. The lash technician assesses the look of your natural lashes. Then they choose the length, curl and thickness that work best for enhancing your natural lashes.

The extensions are not much longer than your natural lashes, and they shouldn’t be, otherwise, they’d be too heavy and could damage your lashes.

To add just a hint of enhancement and make the lashes look as natural as possible, lash techs sometimes apply just half of the set.

Perfect for: almond and upturned eyes.

Doll-Eye Lash Extensions

Doll-eye eyelash extensions will make your eyes look more round, and dolly, just like their name suggests. 

They are done by combining extensions of different lengths, placing the shorter extensions on the corners of the eye, and the longer extensions on the middle of the eyelid.

Perfect for: narrow eyes, small eyes, almond eyes, wide-set eyes
Also good for: upturned and down turned eyes, hooded eyes
Not good for: round eyes

Cat Eyelash Extensions

Cat eyelash extensions are shorter in the inner corners of the eyes and longer in the outer. They give the illusion of elongated eyes, and also look like you are wearing winged eyeliner. 

They look very attractive and are a very common choice of women who want a foxy look.

Perfect for: almond, round, upturned eyes, close-set eyes
Not suitable for: downturned, small or hooded eyes

Squirrel Style

This style is very similar to cat-eye eyelash extensions, but the lashes are not the longest in the very outer corner – rather above the outer half of the iris. They make the eyes look more open and upturned.

Perfect for: round and almond eyes, close-set eyes, narrow eyes, drooping eyes, downturned eyes
Not suitable for: large or wide-set eyes

Staggered Eyelash Extensions

Staggered eyelash extensions are kind of the same as wispy eyelash extensions. Extensions of different lengths are placed and they create a Kardashian’s wispy lashes, with noticeable spikes. 

They give lots of volume and thickness and look pretty dramatic.

Another trendy look brought by social media are Anime lashes, very popular among young people and trendsetters. 

Perfect for: almost any eye shape, for people who want a dramatic look
Not suitable for: very small and narrow-spaced eyes

Colored Eyelash Extensions

The name says everything. Eyelash extensions can be done in almost any color and all style types of eyelash extensions. 

The most popular are purple, dark blue, orange, or ombre eyelashes, which have only the tips colored. 

Another summer trend that emerged is mermaid lashes, in mesmerizing colors like royal purple, kelly green, and sea blue.  

Suitable for: anyone who likes this style

Which Are the Best Lash Extensions for Aging Eyes?

As we mature the lashes become thinner, so the most important thing for mature people who want eyelash extensions is to choose the thickness and the length carefully. If the extensions are too heavy, they can damage natural lashes.

Mature clients should avoid volume and a wispy look, and go for natural lashes done with classics, which should not be longer than 2mm than natural lashes.

When it comes to droopy eyes, the extensions can be a bit longer, to make up for the part that will be hidden by the droopy eyelid.

The best eyelash extension styles for aging eyes are natural and doll-eye done with classics.

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